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About Daron and "Impel"

Daron Stenvold is the visionary force behind Impel Authority Marketing Solutions, a cutting-edge agency that harnesses the power of AI SaaS Tools to drive business success. The name "Impel" was chosen with intention and purpose, echoing Daron's unwavering belief in driving action, fostering momentum, and igniting transformative growth in every client's journey. In every facet of his career, from the disciplined ranks of the U.S. Marines to his entrepreneurial ventures, Daron has embodied the essence of "Impel"—to push forward with force, to motivate, and to inspire action.

With over three decades of robust experience, Daron's journey began in the disciplined ranks of the U.S. Marines, where he honed the leadership skills that would later become the cornerstone of his approach to business growth. It was here that he learned the power of impelling action, not just commanding it—a lesson that would deeply influence his business philosophy.

Transitioning from military service to mastering the art of sales and management, he consistently outperformed targets and engineered remarkable business expansions. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to own and transform a modest resort into a bustling, must-visit destination, epitomizing his knack for turning challenges into success stories through decisive action and strategic foresight. 

Daron then pivoted to business coaching, applying his acumen to mentor and accelerate small business owners towards their dreams. He excelled in guiding them to see more transactions, charge higher prices, and enjoy more freedom, all while boosting their bottom line. Each success story further cemented his commitment to impelling businesses towards greatness, not just leading them there.

Today, as the mastermind of Impel Authority, Daron focuses on delivering innovative marketing services that offer far more than just strategies. His agency stands as a beacon of transformation, equipped with advanced AI SaaS Tools designed to not only attract leads but also to cultivate lasting customer relationships and forge paths to new markets.

Impel Authority is where strategy meets technology, and where businesses not only grow but lead and redefine the standards of their industries. It's a testament to Daron's life's work: a belief in the power of impelling action, fostering growth, and achieving the extraordinary.


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