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Mastering the Digital Marketing Revolution

Industry Secrets to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

Take a moment to think about this hard truth: “If you’re not growing your online presence, you’re going out of business.” Having marketing fundamentals under your belt is essential, but learning and implementing digital marketing principles into your business operations will completely revolutionize your business. Digital Marketing Acceleration: Strategies and Tactics to Optimize & Impel Your Online Lead Generation will teach you to think like an online guru, take advantage of the many benefits of online marketing, and set clear and realistic goals to maximize success. There are many differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing, and this book will show you precisely what you need to know about each of them so you don’t get left behind. By joining this digital marketing adventure, you will also learn useful skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, mobile marketing, chatbox marketing, social media marketing, and how to build effective strategies to maximize each of these skills. Get started by reading this book today to confidently tackle all digital marketing challenges and set a new course for your business!


In this book, Daron Stenvold, a Marine, experienced Business Coach, and Marketing Expert will share his most effective strategies and tactics to help you effortlessly navigate marketing in the digital age and make more money with your small business. Daron has a proven track record of success in optimizing his own business ventures and helping small business owners do the same.


Take an essential step to impel your business to success by following the advice and easy to implement strategies outlined in this book.


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